Book Review: Vision – Your Pathway to Victory by Gordon D’Angelo

Vision by Gordon D'Angelo

“Vision creates a magnetic force. This magnetism increases by the amount of passion that you have, and by the amount of time you spend sharing your vision with others, connecting them to the end result.” – Gordon D’Angelo, co-founder and Chairman of NEXT Financial Group, Inc., Author of Vision

In his book, Vision, D’Angelo takes vision and action to fuse them together into a formula that you can use to create what you desire in life. A combination of inner magic that helps you author your own success.

I wanted to take the time today to acknowledge the gift that lives inside this book that corresponds with the gift that lives inside each one of us. Vision has long been available for anyone to use. In my own experience, vision has guided the way to choosing a path that pointed the way to live my best life. In D’Angelo’s book, Vision, you can actively pursue your path with the easy steps he presents.

“Vision will provide a more complete and constant gratification with long-term comfort. It is designed to create and that creation helps others in numerous ways that the visionary had never considered.” – Gordon D’Angelo, Author of Vision

Having vision goes beyond creating goals. Having goals is a great way to achieve things you want to do, but vision creates more than even what you can expect with goals. Instead of focusing on short-term accomplishments, vision creates a lifestyle and legacy that you can achieve and enjoy.

If you feel stuck where you are at right now, but know that you have a vision somewhere inside you, then you will want to read Vision. Just having a thought that you have a vision is not enough. According to D’Angelo, putting it on paper will give it an energy that is magnetic. In his book, Vision, he walks you through the entire process and it’s easy!

In my own discovery of my vision quite awhile ago, God gave me a vision quite out of the blue. I had since actively looked at it, wishing it were happening at this moment in time, and took steps towards it. Despite my desire to be involved in the vision through my inner sight and prayer, D’Angelo’s book gave me a way to create what I saw and begin bringing it into reality simply by following his steps.

“It is a healing process to get your life more focused in the direction of your choice, and to follow through on the destiny you were meant to have.” – Gordon D’Angelo, Author of Vision

Take time to allow yourself the chance to create a life you desire. If you’ve had trouble with jobs and career before, Vision helps you heal those times by reminding you who you are and what you have inside you to do. This book gives you the permission you need to play and create a life you will love while also helping others at the same time.

Imagine the energy that you put into your day-to-day experience. If you’re not where you truly want to be, feel your energy is drained, and want to try something different, you don’t have to stay stuck. D’Angelo’s book and process is a simplified formula that would take you years to learn any other way. He’s narrowed down the essential steps into an easy to follow path to create your vision, your ideal life.

For myself, his book, Vision, has provided a simple way to take what I saw in my visions, put them into reality, and cleared the cobwebs to give me the final step that is key to achieving my vision.

What can Vision do for you? What do you most want in your life? If you know there is something inside you that longs to do more than you are doing now, perhaps you believe that God is calling you to do something or you just know you can do more, check out Vision.

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