Even Slow to Grow Butterflies Eventually Get Their Wings


‘Cause we all have wings

But some of us don’t know why

- INXS, “Never Tear Us Apart”

If you’ve felt like you’ve been constrained and trapped inside a box, unable to take off the runway, and stuck, I want you to know that even slow to grow butterflies eventually get their wings ’cause we all have wings. This is part of my story on how I realized I had finally developed my wings and how choosing a word for the upcoming year can help you with your wings or whatever you’re experiencing…

Flying over Lake Champlain in Burlington, Vermont during the middle of winter captivated me. As I leaned over the man who sat in the coveted window seat, I could see the lake’s frozen cracks and crevasses form a pattern on the ice. As I gazed on, I knew I was entering a different world.

During that year in 2005, I was attending Burlington College’s Orientation for new and returning students. The flight marked my first low residency to finish working on my bachelor’s degree.

There were students from around the world who came to the college. We were all on the path together, putting one foot in front of the other on this journey towards our dreams. I was on the path to writing and teaching about God. I wanted to write kids stories, adult stories, movies, and songs and create animated cartoons.

During the meeting with Genevieve, an English teacher, I was given a prophecy about my path. I dismissed it at the time. She met with a group of us to discuss the boring topic of research papers and decided to liven the event by pulling out a deck of cards.

These cards, she said, were given to her by a student. The cards were special because the student who gave them to her died about a year or sooner after he gifted her the cards, being in his early twenties when he passed away .

On the cards were various animals and insects that represented the card puller’s journey. She had brought the cards as a part of her tradition when meeting new students.

I watched as others pulled their cards first. One lady pulled the bat. One of the guys pulled a rabbit.

When it was my turn, I pulled the butterfly.

I remember thinking at that moment that the butterfly would have a much easier journey than the bat or the rabbit and that the butterfly was more beautiful than the bat or the rabbit. I thought I was lucky for pulling the butterfly because all the caterpillar did was go to sleep in the cocoon to awaken as the butterfly, beautiful. I thought, “hey, this is a breeze! I’m going to be a butterfly and it’ll be easy.”

At the time, I didn’t realize what an arduous journey it would be. The joke was truly on me.

The path to being a butterfly has not been an easy task. Most of the arduousness is usually caused by myself and not listening to God. This is also the reason why I’ve created Mission: Engage Your Life to help people learn to hear how God speaks to them to follow their life path in freedom to work, serve, love, and experience life in joy and peace!

I also believe that it is no coincidence that at the time when I pulled the butterfly, Burlington College was well known for their Transformational Counseling program. I had just heard of this new form of counseling on my visit to the college and was so intrigued by it, I almost switched degrees at that time to learn more. Something stirred within me with the thought of helping others with transformation.

Now that I’m closing out 2012, I finally realized that it was this prophecy that has come to light 6 years later, not only about finally sprouting wings, but also to continue my education in Expressive Arts Counseling and Therapy to further help people with transformation and their life path.

That wasn’t the only time this representation had revealed itself to me in the form of a butterfly. There’s been several experiences since then to light the way and move forward to change.

It was just a few weeks ago when I realized I had sprouted wings. At the beginning of the year, I chose the word “Acceptance” as my word of the year after reading a blog post on choosing a word of the year by Lynne Klippel of Business Building Books. This year’s theme of acceptance has come to light in many different ways and there have been so many people who have played a part in helping me on my journey whether they know it or not.

One way that the theme of acceptance has come to light for me has been through Mai Vu’s 40 Days to Miracles course. In fact, I believe that I wouldn’t have become the butterfly without this course and the people in it.

We wrote about stuff we had some serious issues with, things we wanted, and how we felt about things that were going on in our lives. Each Saturday we would have phone calls and we’d get REAL about what we were experiencing and find gratitude even for the worst stuff in our lives. We dug and dug and dug. We also shared and dug deeper.

Our excavation efforts produced real gold. Miracles.

In setting the intention for the year in acceptance and working through the process, I finally sprouted the wings to feel free to fly, free to never be kept in a box again, and free to love, live and laugh, to be in the moment and not inside my head.

When I discovered this, I was doing what I normally do each day. At the time, I was working and chatting with people. What I realized was that through coaching and Energy Scanning, I was making connections with people and it has changed my life. I feel that from connecting with the people I’ve met and feeling like I’ve helped people and that we’ve all been on this journey together, that I’ve turned into the butterfly.

I saw the butterfly leave my body just as my friend and writing buddy, Loretta, did when she received healing for something she experienced in her life. I felt that anything I held onto left.

I thought I should have had my wings by now, but the path takes time. And it often doesn’t happen the way you think it’s supposed to happen. Just today, I heard a preacher on the radio talking about how transformation comes from the unexplained, not by anything that can really be explained.

You wouldn’t have those desires on your heart if it wasn’t in line with your path. If you stop and see that everything that you think and feel and want to do is for love and service for others, you will realize that you are on the right path. Even if your dreams seem so crazy that you have no idea but to think who are you to dream something that big… or want the love of your life, or want to be free from whatever you’re experiencing…

Even if you think that you’ll never sprout your wings, let me ask you this: What is it that you have to bring into the new year to sprout your wings and be free to fly?

When you listen, you will know the right word. Go with the first word that come up for you. That’s your word of the year.

For the year, 2013, I chose BALANCE as my word of the year. Let’s see how our year plays out together on the journey called life! Post your word of the year in the comments section.

Photo Credit: 

Monarch Butterfly – Liz West

Blue Butterfly – Rudy Tiben

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