Insight Into Your Chakras (and How They Might Be Affecting Your Business)

Have you ever felt like you get ideas for so many revenue areas in your business, but then go into a mode of paralysis from fear? Do you ever feel like you are almost finished creating the ideal message and found your ideal audience, but get cold feet launching your product, program, or service? When…

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Seeing Your Path with Open Eyes

It’s not always obvious, is it? When you are searching for meaning in life, you may not recognize the signs that are right under your nose. You are in the middle of it, searching, searching through the muck and the mud. No wonder it is so hard for you to see!

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Even Slow to Grow Butterflies Eventually Get Their Wings

  ‘Cause we all have wings But some of us don’t know why – INXS, “Never Tear Us Apart” If you’ve felt like you’ve been constrained and trapped inside a box, unable to take off the runway, and stuck, I want you to know that even slow to grow butterflies eventually get their wings ’cause…

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Book Review: Vision – Your Pathway to Victory by Gordon D’Angelo

“Vision creates a magnetic force. This magnetism increases by the amount of passion that you have, and by the amount of time you spend sharing your vision with others, connecting them to the end result.” – Gordon D’Angelo, co-founder and Chairman of NEXT Financial Group, Inc., Author of Vision In his book, Vision, D’Angelo takes…

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What to Do When You Hate Your Job

What to do when you hate your job

Okay, show of hands. Who has been there before? Who hates their job now? Yeah, most of us have been there. Let’s face it, we need money to keep a roof over our heads and with the current economy, we want to keep any job we have right now. Right? Yes, but… …having a job…

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