Laughter: Kick Off Your New Year with Awesomesauce

This past weekend, I met Haywood Smith, bestselling author of The Red Hat Club and many more books, at a local writer’s meeting. She spoke about the blessings she’s experienced as a writer. I was so entertained by the way that she tied in her once painful stories into humor. Her stories kept us all…

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Life is our playground

God has truly set up our world to be a playground. When things aren’t going your way, sure you have troubles and burdens, or you may be experiencing heartache, but doesn’t everybody at some point. Even in the rough times, those glimpses and moments of hope are reminders on your path that things will not…

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The Beauty Within You


The beauty within you is connected to everything in your awareness. If you connect to a flower and believe it is beautiful, then you see the beauty within you. Try connecting with a flower and imagine yourself free from labels you may have heard in your lifetime.

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7 Surprising Reasons to Create A Humor Therapy File

Life is not always happy, happy, happy, but I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that. When you have kids, you’re running them around to soccer practice, swimming, basketball, and maybe even football depending on their gender . If you’re constantly on the go, no matter how much energy you have, there’s bound to…

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A Chat With God Reduces Stress

How often do you find yourself having a chat with God? Do you talk to Him everyday? Every other day? Once a year? Prayer can reduce stress in your life. Prayer is important in a healthcare context simply because it is used so widely. “Surveys indicate that nearly 90% of patients with serious illness will…

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