Life is our playground

God has truly set up our world to be a playground. When things aren’t going your way, sure you have troubles and burdens, or you may be experiencing heartache, but doesn’t everybody at some point.

Even in the rough times, those glimpses and moments of hope are reminders on your path that things will not always be that way.

I know because I’ve been where you are. I still have burdens and things I have to work through, but everyone who is still here on earth has something we are going through otherwise we wouldn’t be here.

What I want to help you see today, is to inspire you to create more moments of play and indulgence in things that uplift your spirits. It’s in creating more of these moments and letting them linger that you will shift your mood to happiness and joy even in the darkest times.

Let me share with you how my daughters and I played this past weekend.

We celebrate Christmas and were out buying gifts and getting decorations for the house. I received a coupon to Bath and Body Works and wanted to treat the girls to something special they would enjoy.

When we entered the store, we were captivated by the smell. It was a mixture of gingerbread, vanilla, and cinnamon. Ahhhhhhhh!

The store had a sale going on so what turned into treating the girls wound up also treating myself since it was buy 2, get 1 free.

I watched as they looked at hand sanitizers, candles, and sprayed different scents on themselves and the paper the store had set out to use. It was in that moment that I let go to enjoy their delight at finding the right scent, being pleased with getting a hand sanitizer and sparkly holder for it.

I realized that, in that moment, we were free to pick scents we enjoyed after smelling half the store. The store was our playground. It was nice letting go of any barriers to choose a scent we liked and made us feel good.

I loved watching them as they placed their findings in the bag.

We then traveled to Steak and Shake where I treated them to a shake of their choice. They both chose White Chocolate with sprinkles. Seeing them eat it, free from guilt of calories, free from any worry about whether their jeans would fit the next day, and enjoying tic-tac-toe while we sat at the table was fun.

When I think of the times that I meet with clients, to me that is a part of my playground. I have fun connecting with them, with my daughters, with people in general that I have come to realize how God has set up this world as our playground.

It’s through our ways of communicating with the world and our perception of things that we get to play. If you are going through some difficulty at this time of the year, here’s a few ways you can liven up your mood:

1. Get out that perfume or scent you enjoy and spray it on yourself. Spray it around the room.

2. Bring home fresh cut flowers or that poinsettia for a nice splash of red.

3. Listen to some Christmas music or some other music that uplifts you.

4. Get a new painting or poster with an uplifting phrase to hang in your home. Put it someplace where you will see it everyday.

5. Treat yourself to some play time picking out something for yourself or connecting to friends, your kids, or your family.

I have felt rushed all week. This past weekend was no exception. I felt like I “should” be at home working and preparing for the week ahead. When I felt that way before we left the house, I noticed that the girls were playing on their iPod Touches. That’s when I realized that it was now or never. Leave the house and experience the day with them or sit around wishing we had left the house.

What’s it going to be for you? Experience life in the moment and enjoy yourself or stay stuck at the place where you wish you could go outside to play?

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