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Shocked By Personal Information No One Else Knew Coming Through An Energy Scan

In the past, if I was ever asked to try something like an energy scan I would have refused, I am a spiritual person who grew up in the Church, not believing in anything other than the Bible. This year has been very difficult for me, I reached a point where nothing was helping me get my life back on track.Then I was referred to Gabrielle, at first I was skeptical to try her energy scan, during the session she was revealing things about myself that were 95% accurate, stuff no one else but me COULD KNOW! I was truly amazed and shocked, none of my personal information has ever been broadcasted on the internet, nor to friends or family, so for her to describe the emotions and energy of my experiences was unbelievable. I highly recommend trying this process for anyone who needs hope, or is trying to understand what has held them back from becoming the individual they want to be, I am truly glad that I didn’t allow my past ignorance to prevent me from going through this experience.


Clarity, Confirmation And Healing In Life Purpose, Business And Relationship

“Please make sure to have only one situation in mind that you’d like more information to find out what’s going on in that area of your life.”
My attention kept being pulled back to that one line in Gabrielle’s email. One situation. But there were two. There was the situation chosen by my head, my business. And the situation being called out from my heart, a relationship that had ended it’s cycle. My head told my heart not to be ridiculous. My heart grew louder saying this was what was what would point the way.

Agreeing the two were connected, we began our session. Gabrielle, in short, blew me away. She dove into the cracks and crevasses of the events of my life, and provided clarity, wisdom, solace, and powerful confirmation of my path. She simultaneously brought healing, and energizing focus that cleared blocks and illuminated the way.

She is filled with powerful grace, generosity of spirit, and exceptional insight. This is the work that will shine the light to point the way towards the path you intend to forge.

Rooted & Grounded in Love,
- Deb Owen,

Empowered And Grounded To Stand In Strength To Grow Business

I was so thrilled to have a one on one consulting session with Gabrielle. Her work in deep, spiritual, authentic and empowering!

I took away so much important and meaningful information that has already helped me grow my business. Her insight into where I needed to put my attention was incredibly helpful.
It helped me to zone in on areas where I had blinders but also helped me to see strengths I didn’t actually know I had. I HIGHLY recommend Gabrielle! She will help steer you in the right direction, and help you create the business and life of your dreams.

- Catherine Just

love the way the light hits your soul


Feeling Clear and Taking Action

Gabrielle is an excellent coach. Her straight forward, patient, honest, approach made me feel comfortable on more than one occasion. This was especially beneficial when I was having difficulty deciding on a goal and feeling very bewildered about it.

The questions that she asked me helped me to get clear on what I really wanted to do and what was really the best option for me at a time. She listened and understood that I needed to feel less overwhelmed and frustrated by competing priorities and life stressors so that I could move forward.

As a result of receiving coaching from Gabrielle, I was able to put some activities in motion and make meaningful progress. She even gave me valuable feedback that helped with the building of my website and creating clarity in the messages I wanted to share.”

- Kimberly Pettiford, California, Insight Coaching Academy

More In Control And In The Flow Of Life And Business

I was really stuck, had a lot of things on my plate and not sure which direction to take next. I worked with Gabrielle and she helped me set some goals, get really clear about some things that I wanted to accomplish but just didn’t know how. She shows you how to prioritize your life so that things ‘flow’ and the clutter is reduced or eliminated. After having been coached by Gabrielle, I am now ‘lighter’ and more in control of my future, plans and goals.

I know where I want to go and she not only coached and helped me get to the root of some things, but she provided resources to make the journey just that much easier. I really appreciate everything!

- L. Renee Smith, Dayton, OH


Clarity On The Next Steps In Business

“I was a little unclear about the next move for my business. All I knew was that I was very busy, but not really moving forward.

I had an intuitive business reading with Gabrielle, and she was very helpful.

She gave me confirmation on some of the things I wanted to do, like a joint venture with another entrepreneur, and expanding my search for a financial partner.

Gabrielle also gave me a nudge on some things I could do if I was willing, like offering one-on-one coaching, or hiring a virtual assistant to do some of my leg work.

As a result, I’m much more clear about what needs to happen to move my business forward, and I’m going to hire my first virtual assistant to make the process more manageable.

If a person is open to gaining another level of understanding about growing their business, I would highly recommend that they get a consultation from Gabrielle.
- M. Wright


Clarity On Setting Up A Business

Greetings Gabrielle—and Thank You so much for sharing your How To report for building a business on-and-offline. This is the clearest, most thorough and most-time-saving guide that I’ve ever seen on the subject and process—and the generosity of sharing it for free is even more unmatched and amazing.

The feedback you provided based on the time you spent looking into my present state of things on the internet was very insightful too. I’ll be glad to share more feedback that I hope will benefit you as well as I get immersed in following your steps and work my way along—More power to all your enterprises!

- Dr. Jack D. (Ph.D. Brown University)


Super Great Reading Chakra!! Highly Recomended!! A+++++ Thanks and Blessings! – Estelle L.

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